Hello everyone who is thinking of moving in Kanto of Japan!  

Hello everyone who is thinking of moving in Kanto of Japan!  
My companyname is Moving New Life.  
We are dealing with all of the moving.  
I will explain carefully to the person who does not have the culture of moving peculiar to Japan.
★ moving and transportation menu★
We support all kinds of moving, such as moving family,
moving alone, moving office, moving only large appliances and large furniture.
•Moving alone
• Two-place moving
• 1-ton truck loading moving
•Family moving
•Office moving
Other, it is possible to cope if it is to move the thing!
(It is also possible to move the bike by the use of the cooperation company!) )
•Large-scale home appliances and large-scale furniture transportation
★ moving fee★
Moving fee is also available from 16,000 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, morning and afternoon moving reservations ^^
★ moving deals ★
10 new cardboard free gifts
Free rental of two hanger boxes
Free rental of one futon bag
★ disposal and recycle shop stop-off benefits★
Our partner companies also sell to purchase and dispose of places!
Before you dispose of it again...
"Once I want to assess it at the nearest  recycle store, this big piece of furniture
I can't carry it myself!! 」
If that means, on the day of the move, near the moving source or moving address
We will stop by the recycle shop and do it within the moving fee!
(Only one place to stop by the thrift shop is allowed.)
Please look for the recycle shop by the visitor. )
★ Packing Service★
If you want us to pack, please contact us in advance and we will prepare extra our staff!
Please contact us when you make an estimate.
We look forward to seeing you!!!!
I will support your new life!!!
Please contact us once!
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 Moving New Life
In charge: Mr.Suzuki
Email; hikkoshishinseikatsu@gmail.com