We support a variety of moving in Kanto area.

We are moving company throughout the Kanto region.We support a variety of moving such as moving alone and moving offices. If you have never moved in Japan, please feel free to contact us for moving rules in Japan. Our moving style is packed in cardboard by yourself, except for large furniture and big home electronics appliances. Our staff packs r large furniture and big home electronics appliances.Moving ends in a day.  if you want us to keep furniture for a couple day, we can keep your luggage in our storage.The goods are loaded into the truck at the unloader, moved, and the household goods are unloaded at the delivery destination. Our moving price is cheap. When making an inquiry, we can make an estimate immediately if you report the following matters. Namemail adressphone numberNumber of people movingWishing to move datestart:Moving address(apartmentname and building name,too)(Moving from Elevator or not Number of floors)destination:Moving address(apartmentname and building name,too)(Moving destination With elevator number of floors) List of home electric appliances and furniture that cannot be packed with cardboard.(furniture and home electric appliances photo is very helpful) If you have any problems with moving, please contact us first. Hikkoshi-shinseikatsu(ひっこし新生活) Working hour:9:00〜20:00 TEL:050-3709-7568 Mail:hikkoshishinseikatsu@gmail.com HP;https://hikkoshi-shinseikatsu.com/ #Moving in Tokyo #office moving in Tokyo #Moving in Kanagawa #Moving in Chiba #Moving in Saitama #Moving in Tochigi #Moving in Gunma #Moving in Ibaraki